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Helical economic model

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High precision / steering / wide range of applications

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • High cost performance
  • High precision,Low backlash
  • High stability
  • High stability
  • Wide range of applications

Product Details

1: The helical gear technology not only meets the accuracy requirements, but also realizes the price preference. However, due to the cost, only 60.90 single stage is made.

2: The internal gear adopts helical gear technology to achieve high engagement, and the accuracy of single stage can reach within 3 arc minutes and bipolar 5 arc minutes.

3: Using high strength alloy steel, the whole gear is hardened, not only surface hardening, to ensure the service life and long-term use still maintain the original accuracy

4: The torque is higher than the general planetary reducer.

5: It is widely used in aerospace, military industry, medical and health, electronic information technology industry, industrial robot, production automation, CNC lathe manufacturing industry;

Automobile manufacturing, textile, printing, food, metallurgy, environmental protection engineering, warehousing and logistics, etc

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